Naturist Holiday Apartments with AC and Sea View

Costa-Natura 169, 170 and 176 are wonderful 1 bedroom apartments in Spain’s oldest Naturist resort. All are completely renovated with eye for detail and quality; the interiors are modern Scandinavian style. All feature air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms, and double beds. 169 and 176 offers full sea views; 170 is a studio with partial sea views.  169 Video >>   170 Video >>   176 Video >>   Gallery >>

The pool at Costa-Natura with the restaurant to the left - early in the morning

The pool at Costa-Natura with the restaurant to the left – early in the morning

A cosy path at Costa-Natura with palms and lovely flowers

A cosy path with palms and lovely flowers

Cosy terrace of apartment 176

Relax by the sea – at the cosy terrace of apartment 176

Nudist holidays - view from the terrace at apartment 169

The superb view from the terrace of Apartment 169

Terrace of Apartment 170

The cosy terrace of Apartment 170 is facing south and west, offering delightful evening sun

The indoor space of Apartment 170

The space of the studio apartment 170 is efficiently used, giving it a bright, light and roomy feel

A view to the sea from the dining table. The apartment features full A/C.

A view to the sea from the dining table in Apartment 169. The apartment has full AC.

The naturist resort abound with flowers

The naturist resort abound with flowers – partly because all flat roofs are planted.

The Costa Natura resort is green all year round, making it a wonderful destination in all seasons

The Costa Natura resort is green all year round, making it a wonderful destination in all seasons

White-washed houses seen from the pool area

White-washed houses seen from the pool area

The pool at night

The pool at night

View to the Mediterranean at the naturist resort

View to the Mediterranean from the far end of the resort

The kitchen at apartment 169 at Costa-Natura is all new and fully equipped with appliances

The kitchen at apartment 169 is all new and fully equipped with appliances

More about Costa Natura Naturist Apartment Hotel

Costa Natura is a holiday resort providing the perfect setting for a naturist vacation for the whole family. Sitting directly on the beach, it looks like a typical Andalusian village with 200 white-washed modern houses and apartments set in lush, undulating sub-tropical gardens filled with flowers, palm trees and lawns, separate swimming pools for children and adults, a restaurant, bar and beach bar, jacuzzi, sauna, volleyball court, petanque court, children’s playground, table tennis, launderette and even a library. In the high season an animator keeps the children busy and there is entertainment in the restaurant in the evenings. Costa Natura simply teems with happy naturists of all ages. At other times of the year the resort is more club-like with a relaxed atmosphere making it easy to meet and get to know fellow naturists.

All apartments are individually furnished and owned by naturists from around the world including England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and USA. The owners run the resort through a Community which employs gardeners, maintenance staff and cleaners to ensure that Costa Natura is always well maintained and well presented. Restaurant, beach bar and the reception are operated by other professionals under contract to the Community of Owners.

The developers of Cap d’Agde in France believed that Costa del Sol, with 320 days of sunshine a year, would make an even better location for a new naturist resort and they therefore bought the land adjacent to Costa Natura Beach in Estepona, which had been an unofficial naturist beach for years. It was subsequently declared the first public naturist beach in Spain and is also popular with guests from the neighbouring 5-star hotel Elba and locals who enjoy naturist bathing and sunbathing. Access to the resort is restricted to residents, so Renato’s Beach Bar has two fronts – one facing the public beach and the other facing the resort.

Dress code

Costa Natura is a naturist resort and most people don’t wear clothes whenever possible. Nudity is not mandatory but it is considered normal anywhere in the resort including the reception and the launderette. However in the pools, the sauna and the Jacuzzi, swim costumes are not allowed. Dressing up in the evenings is part of the holiday experience for some while others prefer nudity throughout their entire stay and there is opportunity for both. Many guests who wish to dine without clothes also want to catch the last evening sun which they can on the restaurant’s covered poolside terrace. For breakfast and lunch nobody would dream of dressing.

When you don’t wear clothes remember to always bring something to sit on. A towel can also be used if you need to cover up and some women find a longyi or wrap-around more stylish than a towel, but never wear a swim costume which many naturists perceive as a dissociation from the essence of naturism.

About Naturism

Naturism, or Nudism as the Americans call it, FKK to the Germans or “Freikörperkultur”, originated in Germany just over a hundred years ago at a time when the world saw a host of initiatives right across society including new academic thinking, the popularizing of sports, the scout movement and naturism with its belief that nudity is the shortest route to a healthy mind in a healthy body. At first naturism was practiced by a minority behind tall fences but it has since moved a long way and public beaches have been set aside for naturist swimming and sunbathing in many countries. The travel industry has also responded to the increasing demand for naturist holidays and accommodation and it is believed that as many as 10% of the Dutch population or 1.5 million people in that country alone will use naturist beaches or go on naturist holidays at some time.

The official Spanish attitude to nudity is surprisingly liberal and no law exists which prohibits nudity in public anywhere. As a result there are beaches used by naturists all along the Spanish coastline and on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and the other Canary Islands.

At Costa-Natura naturism is practiced in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Everybody talks to everybody and guests are made to feel very welcome. It is as if people shed most of their inhibitions and preconceived ideas when they slip out of their clothes and differences in fitness, age, health, appearance and even social rank appear almost irrelevant. So whether you are an ardent naturist, somebody who enjoys nudist beaches or naturist swims, or someone who would just like to give it a try, you will find Costa-Natura the right place for the perfect naturist experience.

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